Long-term paint sealing

Self-cleaning at it´s best

The nanoscopic surface texture of the sealing allows water to be drained in droplet form, thereby removing the dirt from the surface (lotus effect).


The Two-Component-sealant is an anti-stick coating, which, in addition to a very good dirt repellent effect, is also convincing due to its high abrasion resistance. A robust and optimal long-term varnish protection for frequent drivers.

Classic Cars favorit choice

Carnauba wax is the hardest natural wax in the world. Due to its high density it offers excellent protection against UV radiation and environmental influences. Especially old paints are nourished and give long lasting color brilliance and an incomparable shine. Old paints are only pre-cleaned by hand, of course without the use of sharp cleaners or abrasives.

Handy helper

Due to a nanoscale coating, there is hardly any deposits of brake dust on the rims. Sharp cleaners are superfluous and cleaning is a child's play.


Motorcycle cleaning especially benefits from long-term sealing. The cleaning process runs smoothly and quickly. No polishing of chrome parts. Our high-performance coatinng can withstand temperatures of up to 800degrees Celsius. This is vital for chrome-plated exhaust and engine parts, in particular.

Indoor specialist

Similar to functional textiles from the outdoor area, all sealed textiles in the interior can be kept clean easily. thorough applied, a nano sealing prevents liquids or dirt from penetrating into the tissue.


Before the sealing, the paint is cleaned thoroughly: hand wash, two-stage wet paint cleaning, scratch removal, evaporation of the bodywork and door folds or gentle cleaning by hand (oldtimer).


The paint is then degreased, tar and resin patches as well as holograms are removed and small paint damages/scratches are improved.


Depending on the type, the seal is applied several times and reworked. Then the paint is cured overnight under heat to achieve maximum durability.

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