Paint repair

Paint damages are very different. Using the right repair method can often save a lot of money. We would be pleased to advise you without obligation about the best and most cost-effective repair method. If you find the way to us to be too far, just send us photos of your damage through the


These are the finest paint damages which are visible but do not penetrate the clear lacquer layer. This can be tested with the fingernail: If you can not hang while you cross the scratch, the damage can be polished out with the Abralon system.

If the clear coat layer is cracked (here you stick with the fingernail in the scratch), we can eliminate the damage by painting a small spot of the component. For example, this is possible in case of parking damages at the bumpers or scratches on the wheel arches.

If vehicle parts are deformed in such a way that they can not be removed with the dent technique, or if the paint is damaged over a large area, repair can only be carried out with conventional bodywork. This means that damage is filled and complete components are painted.

Also for your rims we offer innovative and cost-effective repair methods. Whether polishing surface scratches, repainting of scratches or repainting of the entire set. And everything without disassembly or balancing, because that protects tires and wallet.

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