Textile & Plastic

Textile repair


By filling with color-matching fibers, damaged areas in the carped or velor cover become invisible. Damage in patterned or textured textiles can be optically hidden.



Plastic repair


Both in the interior as well as on plastic parts on the bodywork, damage can be removed through filling and coloring easily.




Plastic repair

Scratches in the plastic are usually visually conspicuous and disturbing. Small scratches are removed by targeted melting, large scratches can easily be remodelated with plastic mortar. By imprinting an undamaged part a template is created, which allows the reconstruction of the surface structure. By a clever post-processing, invisible transitions succeed.

Textile repair

Small cracks or fire holes in the fabric require a lot of imagination. Depending on the material, pattern and texture of the fabric, different techniques are required. Please note that in the case of patterned or textured textiles, damage is concealed, but the repaired area remains visible.


Cleaning and Care

Nicotine, food residues, dog hair; We offer an effective and gentle solution for every problem. High-quality care extends the life of your interior and refreshed it visually.

Color refreshment

Both plastic and textiles can fade over the years. A color refreshment acts like a fountain of youth for your interior.


A seal protects your textiles long-term of too rapid re-contamination. Liquid beads and dirt particles can not adhere. Ideal for e.g. family cars.

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