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Vintage car

Oldie favourite

It is important to us to know that your beloved classic car is in good hands.
We will provide you with detailed advice before processing in order to discuss your individual requirements.
Particular attention is paid to the preservation of the various components: Paint, bodywork, leather, plastic/rubber parts or chrome.
Any repairs or maintenance work will also be discussed.
The cleaning and sealing process is particularly gentle in order to protect the paintwork.
Finally, a high-quality paint sealant is recommended, e.g. a polymer sealant for classic cars or a deep-acting carnauba wax sealant for a rich lustre.
For youngtimers, we recommend a long-lasting ceramic sealant.

Oldie favourite broken

If the youngtimer is to become a genuine classic car - with an H licence plate - it can be a real challenge to procure all components in their original TÜV-compliant condition. Our paintwork and bodywork specialists can produce many parts with understanding, passion and craftsmanship and pave the way for the "Oldi" licence plate. We can restore sun-tanned plastic parts, wavy leather upholstery and even rust with holes in the metal.

Our motto: lots and lots of TLC - Tiny loving care

Customised service

We would be happy to advise you on our services or prepare a quotation according to your personal requirements.

We need between half a day and two working days for vehicle preparation, depending on the scope of the work. The duration of repairs varies depending on the scope of work. We carry out most services within one day.


Let us advise you - at any time and without an appointment. You can visit our head office in person or contact us by phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!


Appointments are usually available within the next 3-4 working days. Please note: In spring, the lead time can be extended to 2-3 weeks. We will be happy to give you more information by telephone.


In the Frankfurt city area, we will be happy to collect your vehicle directly from you for a small surcharge.


We accept cash payments as well as EC and credit card payments.


We charge a surcharge for heavy soiling such as animal hair or building rubble. We calculate prices for repairs according to the amount of work involved. In any case, we will discuss the costs of our services with you in advance.

Your enquiry

Get in touch with us here!

You can simply send us your message online: we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Of course, you still have the option of contacting us by telephone or direct email.

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